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Dr. Mia Eisenstadt

About Mia 


Mia is a psychologist, researcher, coach and award-winning entrepreneur for creating the fatherli app

Helping parents and families is core to Mia's mission. Mia's committed to supporting positive mental health for children and families. Modern life can be difficult with the competing demands of parenting, work, keeping healthy and well and social and family commitments. Mia is keen to support people to get the most out of life and avoid burnout, stress and overwhelm. 


Mia has a PhD in child and adolescent mental health and has trained in coaching, reflective parenting and dialogue methods. She studied at the Evidence Based Practice Unit, a partnership between the Anna Freud Centre and UCL Brain Sciences in London. Over the past 10 years, Mia's research has focused on supporting child and family mental health and reducing the risk of mental health disorder in children and teenagers, through the HeadStart programme.   

Mia offers coaching that is informed by coaching frameworks and psychology. 

Book a free consultation session with Mia to explore your own goals and overcome issues that are holding you back in your life or parenting. 

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